12 Home Remedies for Skin Tags Removal

When it comes to home remedies for skin tags, there is an abundance of solutions which you can easily try out in the comfort of your own bedroom or bathroom.  Skin tags are those little flaps of skin which usually appear around the neck area, eyes, underarms, breasts or groin. They affect about one in four people and can be caused by a number of factors including genetics, obesity or friction.

Although skin tags are completely harmless and benign, they can be irritating and unsightly. There are medical procedures available to remove them, but these could be costly and many medical insurance will usually not cover them. So if you have skin tags and you would like to get rid of them safely, why not give one of these home remedies a try?

Home remedies basically consist of various kinds of oils, juices and other liquids which are applied to the affected areas, as well as a few interesting ‘non-liquid’ solutions. Here are twelve options for you to peruse and choose from:

Skin Tags Home Remedies Using Oils

If you'd like a more natural, and affordable answer then consider home remedies for skin tags. Don't write them off without giving them a chance bacause you never know if they might be the answer you've been looking for.Tea Tree Oil

If you are looking for a skin tag home remedy that is not only 100% natural but also has antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, then tea tree oil is the one for you (You can read more about using TTO and more here). All you need to do is dip a cotton ball in water and then place about three drops of pure tea tree oil onto the cotton. Now rub it gently over the skin tag. Repeat this twice a day. You will notice that the skin tags slowly begin to dry up and after about three to six weeks they will disappear entirely.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil contains antioxidants which are excellent for skin health. It can be used to remove skin tags by applying directly onto the tag and then covering with a bandage. Renew the Vitamin E oil and bandage every day after cleaning the area, until the tag disappears after a period of several weeks.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil can be rubbed onto your skin tags every night when you go to bed. This oil contains lauric acid which works as an effective anti-microbial agent. So you don’t have to worry about bacteria, viruses protozoa or fungi with will all be eliminated by the coconut oil.  When you rub it on the skin tags everyday you should notice that they become smaller and smaller until they cease to exist after a few weeks.

Coconut oil can also be mixed with one of these essential oils to make it work even better.

Juices & Liquids

Apple Cider Vinegar

This remedy is a personal favorite of mine (as well as many others). The acidic properties of apple cider vinegar help dissolve the cells in the skin tag; causing it to reduce in size gradually and then vanish altogether. Apply the vinegar onto the tag with a cotton ball, and repeat several times a day. The tag should be gone within two to four weeks.

Lemon Juice

For this “fix”, you need to use fresh lemons, and not the bottled concentrate. There are two ways to use the lemons; firstly you could simply cut a lemon in half and rub it over your skin tags. Alternatively you could squeeze the juice and dip a cotton ball in and then apply it to your skin, repeating this process several times throughout the day. The citric acid in the lemon juice will help to remove the skin tag in due course. If you have a sensitive skin you may want to test a small area first to see how the lemon juice affects you. Otherwise this is a quick and effective solution for safely removing skin tags.

Fig Stem Juice

Figs are a versatile fruit which is especially useful for treating skin ailments. For skin tags, the juice of the fig stems is particularly effective. Simply blend some fresh fig stems and then apply the juice to your skin tags three or four times per day. This helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance and results in the skin tags being removed after two to four weeks of applying the fig stem juice daily.

Onion Juice and Salt

This combination of onion juice and salt is an effective home remedy for skin tags. The onion juice causes the skin cells of the tag to disintegrate while the salt helps to accelerate the process. In order to make this solution you need to slice an onion and sprinkle it with salt, then let it stand in a bowl overnight. The next morning, pour off the juice which has accumulated into another bowl and then use a cotton ball to rub this juice over your skin tags. Leave it for about thirty minutes to dry and then rinse off with warm water. Repeat this procedure two or three times per day, and within about two weeks your skin tags should be a thing of the past.

Nail Polish

Yes that little jar of nail polish can do much more than just your nails! With a little blob painted over your skin tag you can essentially seal it off from the air and as a result it will suffocate and fall off. You might like to use clear nail polish for areas that you can’t hide with clothing. Renew the polish every day until your skin tag is off.

Other Home Remedies to Remove Skin Tags

Don’t like the idea of using oils, juices, and acids? Try these other home remedies to remove skin tags instead.

Baking Soda and Castor Oil Paste

By mixing together one-part baking soda with two parts castor oil, you will get a paste which is not only anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, but also good for moisturizing your skin and at the same time helpful in removing skin tags. Apply the paste to the tag, cover with a light bandage and leave overnight. Rinse off in the morning and reapply in the evening, for about ten days to two weeks, by which time you should be free of your skin tag.

This cream/paste mixture can be a little messy. It can be a lot of work mixing this every time you need to use it. Consider a ready-made cream if you don’t have the time, or don’t want to deal with the hassle of mixing this up all the time.

Banana Peel

This remedy is a little more uncommon, but there’s still some people who swear by it. Besides, if you’ve exhausted all your other options, it’s worth a try. Start off by enjoying a banana. Don’t you toss the peel into the garbage. Cut a little piece of the banana peel (just big enough to cover the skin tag).  Place it over your skin tag with the inside part touching the tag. Cover it with some gauze and keep it on overnight. Hold everything in place with Band-Aid or a tape. Repeat this every night until the skin tag falls off within a short time.

Duct Tape

Yes, you read that right – you can use duct tape to remove skin tags! Of the many home remedies for removing skin tags out there, duct tape is probably one of the easiest to use. Duct tape is often overlooked when it comes to home remedies to remove skin tags, but it works. What you need to do is cut a little piece of duct tape. Stick the tape over the skin tag so it’s completely covered. Now leave it on for the next ten to fourteen days. What this effectively does is to cut off all air supply to the tag; which will cause it to die off due to lack of oxygen. When you remove the duct tape after about two weeks, the skin tag will be gone, or it will fall off easily.

Dental Floss

If you thought duct tape was interesting – how about some dental floss! Of all the skin tags home remedies, dental floss is one of my personal favorites. This method involves tying a piece of thin dental floss tightly around the stem or base of the skin tag. The idea is to cut off the blood supply to the tag. With the blood supply cut off, the skin tag(s) will shrivel up and fall off in about a week.

This method is easier to apply to skin tags which are slightly bigger in size. Make sure you do not tie the floss so tight that it cuts into your skin. There should not be any blood with his little method. You may experience a little discomfort, or throbbing; caused by the restriction to blood flow. Make sure you monitor it and keep the area clean and sterilized with rubbing alcohol. Follow these precautions and this can be a very effective way to get rid of your skin tags.

Dental floss is great, but it can be such a pain to apply. I highly recommend you try one of the nifty little tying devices here to make it easier.

So, now you have a wide selection of home remedies for skin tags. Whatever you do, don’t pick on your skin tags. Don’t try to pull, or cut them off either; as this will only cause you pain and possible scarring and infection. Instead, try one of these natural and innovative DIY solutions for safely removing your skin tags.