5 Fantastic Essential Oils for Warts

Finding something that works for your warts may be quite an elusive exercise. These five essential oils for warts could just be the solution you are looking for. Unlike the harsher surgical or burning off treatments, essential oils are gentler and much cheaper. Many of them use the natural ‘slowly but surely’ approach. This article will discuss five fantastic essential oils you can use to effectively remove warts.

Oregano Oil for Warts

It’s true; you can use oregano essential oil to get rid of warts. The oil contains natural antiviral properties, making it one of the most effective and fastest of the natural wart treatment options. The active ingredient in oregano oil is called carvacrol. This is what makes is especially effective in eradicating even stubborn warts.

A good alternative to using Oregano oil is to use tea tree oil instead.

How to use it

There's a lot of different otions to choose from. But these five essential oils for warts are known to get results. People love them and turn to them and they do so for good reasons; because they work.The oregano oil warts remedy is very simple. You apply the oregano oil directly onto the wart using a q-tip. Application is done two, or three times per day. If you experience any irritation, try diluting the oregano oil with a carrier oil such as:

  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • almond oil.

Diluting oregano oil with a carrier oil is especially helpful when treating areas where the skin is sensitive, and for children.

What to expect

Oregano is one of the ‘hot’ oils. That means it may cause a burning sensation as it begins to work on your wart. However, the discomfort will be rewarded when you see your wart start to disappear as you keep applying the oil daily. Within two to four weeks of using oregano oil for warts, your wart should be gone. You may wish to continue the application for another week to prevent any regrowth.

Lemon Oil for Warts

The strong antiviral ingredient in lemon essential oils is makes it effective against a variety of viruses including the Human Papilloma Virus responsible for warts.

How to use lemon oil

As the virus is contained to the area of the wart, it is important to apply the lemon essential oil directly onto the wart itself. You can by dipping a clean cotton swab into the oil and gently wiping it over the wart. Alternatively, you can use a dropper to place the oil onto the wart. Repeat this application two, or three times per day, allowing the wart to become saturated. Leave the lemon oil on and allow it to air dry

What to expect

As you keep applying the lemon essential oil daily, you will notice your wart turn black and then begin to diminish. Eventually, within a few weeks, it should disappear altogether.

Clove Oil Warts Removal

The clove bud is used to create the clove oil through a distilling process. The main active ingredient in clove oil is eugenol. This has many amazing properties which include being anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antiviral. It is also a natural disinfectant and a numbing agent.

How to use clove oil

As with the other oil, it is necessary to place the clove oil directly onto your wart. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to dilute the clove oil with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil. Using undiluted clove oil can cause burning, or irritation. Once you have applied the clove oil, cover the wart with a band-aid and repeat at least once a day.

What to expect from clove oil

After a couple of weeks, your wart will begin to shrink. Keep applying the clove oil on a daily basis and in due course, the wart will drop off completely. When the wart is gone, it’s recommended to rub a little wheat germ oil into the area to prevent scarring.

Castor Oil for Warts

Castor oil is a humble household item which has a vast array of uses including serving as an effective wart remedy; just like acv. This oil has the ability to break down the wart. This causes the wart to slowly disappear over time.

Using castor oil

The way to use castor oil is to rub it gently onto the wart for a period of about ten minutes every morning and evening. As an alternative method you may like to mix the castor oil with baking soda and apply this paste onto your warts. Cover with a band-aid and repeat every day.

What to expect

It may be a few weeks of faithfully applying the castor oil, and then one day you will have the pleasure of seeing that your wart has peeled away completely. Castor oil also has a healing and moisturizing effect, which will help with the healthy surrounding skin and the underlying skin.

Thuja Occidentalis Warts Home Remedy

Thuja oil is made from a type of cedar tree; which originates in North America and Asia. It can be used to treat a variety of ailments from coughs and fevers to gout and warts.

How to use thuja essentail oil

For this thuja occidentalis warts home remedy, thuja oil can be mixed with olive oil before applying onto your warts; to help minimize burning or irritation. Apply a drop, or two of thuja oil on the wart. Use a clean cotton swab to slowly massage the oil into the wart. Let it air dry. Repeat this process two to three times a day until the wart is gone.

What to expect from using thuja

Results may be expected within a period of three to four weeks. It may take longer for some. The warts will diminish in size until they disappear completely.

As you set about using these essential oils for warts, remember to use only 100% pure oils to get the best results. Read the labels to make sure the oil is not diluted with a cheaper, ineffective, carrier oil. Be patient as you continue to apply the remedies day after day. Don’t expect an overnight solution, but rather look forward to the long lasting relief that will come with these effective and natural remedies. If you want to try something else besides oils, take a look at Tagamet and other home remedy options.