10 Home Remedies for Warts that Work

Removing warts can be frustrating when nothing seems to be working. Don’t give up just yet. These 10 home remedies for warts have worked for many who were in the same situation as you are. Look through them and see if there’s one on the list that you haven’t tried yet.

Apple Cider Vinegar Wart Remedy

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most effective home remedies for warts. Many have used it with great success (hence why it's so popular).
Using too much acv in too large of an area is not a good idea. A few small spots at a time is best (even if it takes longer to get rid of them all).

If you want to use a remedy to remove a wart, and you want it fast, the acv remedy is the perfect choice. Some users reported they were able to completely get rid of their wart in just a little over one week.  Now, that isn’t instantly overnight, but it is still quite fast compared to other remedies that could potentially take months.

Of course, the speed doesn’t come without any drawbacks; there’s a price for everything after all. ACV (apple cider vinegar) can burn your skin and it will most definitely burn the healthy skin surrounding the wart you’ll be treating. This can make it a very painful experience (especially for those of us who has sensitive skin).

The remedy can be painful, but for those who are willing to brave its side effects, no other home remedy works faster than acv. If you’re up for giving acv a shot, you will need the following:

  • Band-Aids
  • Cotton balls
  • Apple cider vinegar (unfiltered if possible)

Take a clean cotton ball and pull out a piece just big enough to cover your wart. Add a few drops of the vinegar on the piece of cotton. Put the vinegar treated cotton on top of the wart and hold it in place with a clean Band-Aid. Leave it on overnight.

In the morning, take it off. Wash the area with a warm water and soap. Put a clean Band-aid over it until bedtime again. Repeat again at bedtime until the wart turns black and can be gently peeled off without any bleeding.

Removing Warts with Duct Tape

Want a less painful remedy instead? Try removing warts with duct tape. Studies have shown that plain old duct tape (the grey stuff) is just as effective at removing warts as cryotherapy. The good thing is there’s no pain and all you’ll need is a roll of duct tape.

Just take a piece of duct tape big enough to cover the wart completely and place it over the wart. Leave the tape on 24/7; changing it once a day, or if needed should it get wet.

This remedy works a little slow, so you might have to wait over 3 weeks before you start seeing progress (little black dots in the wart).

Tea Tree Oil for Wart Removal

Tea tree oil is good for many things, so it’s not surprising that tea tree oil for wart removal is actually quite popular. It’s good for removing warts thanks to its powerful anti-microbial properties. Application is also quite easy. The list of materials needed for the remedy is just two items (tea tree oil and cotton swabs).

Use a clean cotton swab and give it a quick dip into the bottle of TTO (tea tree oil). Gently massage the oil on the wart. Don’t forget to massage the oil around the base of the wart as well. It’s as easy as that. Repeat a few times a day until the wart is gone.

Castor Oil for Warts

Castor oil is easily absorbed into the skin and even has beneficial anti-viral properties. Both of which work to our advantage when using it to remove warts.

Using castor oil for warts is just as easy as tea tree oil. Massage the oil on the wart and leave it on. You may wish to cover it with a clean Band-Aid after applying the oil.

Apply the oil several times a day. Continue to apply the castor oil until the wart is gone.

Use Garlic on Warts

Using garlic on warts is another home remedy that gets results fairly fast. It might take a few days longer than ACV, but it’s still fast. Of course, there are drawbacks as well. The first is you’ll smell like garlic for at least over a week. The second is it also burns, so it can be painful.

All you’ll need are some clean Band-Aids and fresh garlic. Peel a clove of garlic and crush it into a paste using a heavy blunt object. I found out my pestle and mortar was great for this and made it much easier.

Put the paste on the wart and hold it in place with a clean Band-Aid. Leave it on overnight. Continue every night until the wart turns black and can be peeled off.

Oregano Oil for Warts

For this remedy, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your hands on true oil of oregano; extracted from wild oregano plants natively found in the Mediterranean areas.  Many who failed to get results using oregano oil for warts failed because they didn’t use the right oil. It’s full of that anti-microbial goodness to help fight the virus responsible for warts.

Apply a drop or two of the oil on the wart. Gently rub it into the wart. Do that a few times a day and continue to use it every day until the wart is gone.

Click here for information and instructions.

Milkweed for Warts

This one may seem a little odd for you, but many users claim milkweed for warts removal is indeed effective. All you have to do is find some fresh milkweed. Try to avoid areas that have been heavily treated with chemicals. Break off a steam and apply the “milky” liquid on the wart. This isn’t a one-time deal, so you’ll need to keep at it until the wart is gone.

Banana Skin for Warts

Don’t throw away that banana peel. After enjoying its sweet goodness, you can get even more out of your banana. Why? Because you can use banana skin for warts.

I recommend cutting the skin down to a size just a bit bigger than your wart. Place the white (inside) part of the skin on top of the wart. Tape the banana skin in place using water proof bandage tape, or just use a Band-Aid.

Thuja Occidentalis Warts Treatment

You may, or may not have heard of thuja essential oil, but it’s actually the active ingredient in some of the natural wart treatments available for sale both online and at your local stores.

Massage a couple drops of the oil on the wart. Leave it to air dry. You’ll have to do this a few times a day (I would recommend at least 2-3 times a day). Continue on a daily basis until the wart is gone.

Potato Wart Removal

I love potatoes and after learning about this potato wart removal method, I love them even more. If you’re craving for some skinless mashed potatoes, save the skin for this treatment. You’ll want to try to use it right after peeling the skin, but I don’t think it will hurt to keep it fresh in the fridge for a few days.

Some say you should just rub the skin over the wart. Others say to tape the skin over the wart overnight (like with the banana peel).

Clear Nail Polish on Warts

The idea behind using clear nail polish on warts is that it will suffocate the wart by limiting oxygen. Of course, you don’t have to use clear nail polish and can try a color nail polish instead. However, for me personally, I don’t want to draw any more unwanted attention. I think the wart already does a great job at that.

Just brush a few coats of the nail polish over the wart. I like to at least two coats, and sometimes I do three coats. Make sure to give it time to dry in between coats.

This method is similar to duct tape and it’s going to take just as long to see some results (up to, or maybe even more than 3 weeks).

Lemon Juice on Warts

Now here’s a home remedy that won’t leave you with some foul odor. Instead, you’ll be smelling pleasantly fresh. Using lemon juice on warts is possible thanks to lemon juice’s acidic nature. It works just like acv, so you’ll have to deal with the same drawbacks.

You’ll want to get yourself a bag of fresh lemons. Squeeze out the juice, apply it on a small piece of cotton ball and tape in in place over the wart. Leave it on overnight and repeat.


Onions, or onion juice to be exact, is sometimes used in cooking to break down meats and make them more tender. In this case, it can be used to break down warts.

Use a food processor to make an onion paste. Place the paste over the wart and let it air dry.

Hydrogen Peroxide Warts

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove warts, but it can’t be the weak stuff you find at your local drug store. You need food grade hydrogen peroxide (35%); this stuff is strong enough to break down the wart. The 3% solution you can find locally is a little weak to achieve this caustic effect.

File down your wart (being careful not to go too far and cause bleeding). Use a clean cotton swab and soak it in the peroxide. Rub it on the wart. Be careful not to get it on the surrounding healthy skin. Repeat this up to five times a day and keep at it until the wart turns black and can be peeled off with ease.

Urine Therapy for Warts

This is probably the cheapest home remedy you’ll find (it’s free). You’ll never run out as well because you can just make more. Some people swear by urine therapy for warts. They claim it was the only thing that worked for them. Well, if nothing else has worked so far, it’s worth a try.

Just soak a small piece of cotton ball in your urine and tape it in place over the wart. Use waterproof bandage tape, or plain duct tape. Apply every night before bed until the wart turns black.

Whether you try ACV or decide to try urine therapy, keep this in mind while you’re trying to get rid of your warts. Home remedies work differently for different people. What works great for one individual may not work so well for you. Experiment with different home remedies for warts until you find one that gets you the results you want. If one remedy worked for you, please let us help out other readers by sharing your experience with us in the comments below.