1 Week or Less! How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Fast

How to get rid of skin tags fast is a question that is often asked. If you can’t wait for weeks, or even longer to get rid of your skin tags, there are solutions that can work faster. However, there are trade offs for the speed, so make sure you read over each option carefully.

What’s Considered Fast

What exactly do I mean when I say faster? How fast is faster? By faster, I mean one week or less. Most remedies take a few weeks to even a couple of months to get results. The solutions listed here have typically been known to get results in about one week or less.

Of course, individual results may vary, so don’t rush it. Some people are able to see results in less time, while others have to wait just a bit longer.

Quick Results With Home Remedies

If you’d rather take a more natural approach and use something you might already have on hand, then consider the following home remedies.


Floss is one of the fastest and easiest answers to the commonly asked question of how to get rid of skin tags fast. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a chance and see for yourself why it's so highly regarded.Floss (the stuff you use for your teeth) is a simple, but very effective and fast home remedy for skin tags. The idea behind this remedy is simple; you cut off the blood supply to the skin tag to kill it.

So why floss and can’t you use something else like thread instead? You can use thread; the result is the same. Floss just seems to be more popular because it’s a little easier to handle. It’s much tougher, so it won’t break as easily when you’re trying to tie it around the stalk of the skin tag. Many people are also more likely to have floss on hand than sewing thread.

When you tie the floss around the skin tag, make it as tight as you can without cutting the skin. The more you restrict the blood flow to the skin tag, the sooner it will shrivel up and die. Once it’s all shriveled up and has turned black, it should be ready to fall off. You wait until it falls off, or you can try to give it a gentle tug to see if it’ll come right off.

The tradeoff for using the floss remedy is discomfort. The tighter you tie it, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Some say it feels like a stinging sensation (all the time), while others say it’s just minor discomfort. For you, it will depend on your pain tolerance.


You’ll see acv (apple cider vinegar) pop up a lot, but that’s because it works. Acv is one of those home remedies where it can take a while to work, or it can work fast enough to qualify for this list. It’s all about how you use it. Figure out the trick and it works fast. Don’t worry, you don’t really have to figure out the trick, because I’ll let you in on it.

Take a cotton pad (commonly used in cosmetics), trim it to size and then soak it with acv. Squeeze out excess acv, but make sure it’s still wet with acv. Tape it around the skin tag (especially the stalk) and leave it on overnight. Continue to do that every night until the skin tag turns black and comes off.

Before you use acv, make sure you take precautions to protect the surrounding healthy skin. You can read more about ACV here. Failure to do so can cause unwanted burns because acv will—with time—burn skin tissue it comes in contact with.

Fast Treatment You Can Buy Over the Counter

The fastest way to get rid of skin tags at home (that I’ve seen so far) is with the all-natural otc product, Wart Mole Vanish. Don’t mind the name of the product. It was made for warts and moles, but it works just as great for removing skin tags. It’s fairly easy to use if you follow the simple instructions carefully.

According to some users, they were able to remove their skin tags in just one treatment. Most treatments took around 30 minutes. That includes the time it took to set-up, apply the treatment, and waiting for it to work.

It does sound a little too good to be true, but it definitely does work. Although, the price you pay for that kind of speed is much greater than with floss, or acv. This is definitely not for use anywhere near your face, or any parts of your body that is usually exposed on a regular basis. Why? Because there is a risk of scarring.

Some users said they had a blemish that went away with time. Others said their blemish never went away. You’ll have to consider this carefully to see if it’s something you’re willing to take a chance at.

If you don’t want to take a gamble at some potentially permanent blemishes then it’s probably a good idea to be patient and try something slower, but a lot less likely to leave a scar. You can check out those options.

The Fastest Way Ever

If you only care about getting rid of those skin tags as fast as possible–regardless of cost, or risks–there really is no faster way to remove skin tags than a quick visit to your doctor, or dermatologist. These guys (or gals) are the only ones that can remove them in almost an instant. They’re the ones with the knowledge and the proper equipment to quickly cut the skin tags off with minimal risks.

The problem is, removing skin tags may not be covered by your health insurance. Often times, removal is considered unnecessary and only cosmetic. So if you’re willing to pay out of pocket, a quick visit is the safest and quickest way to remove skin tags. Don’t forget to check out how much it costs, and how to reduce the cost of removal at a doctor’s office.

If you’re not liking the idea of having to potentially pay 100-200 dollars, or more for removal then try one of the more affordable home treatments.

Keep in mind that individual results may vary. Sometimes people give up right at the point where it was going to start working. Giving up too early because you didn’t give it enough time will get you nothing but wasted time, effort, and money. Be patient and give it a few more days. I hope you were able to find some answers if you were looking for how to get rid of skin tags fast. If you know of a better, or faster way to remove them, please share it with us in the comments.